eTech@Noon: The Changing World of Scholarly Publishing

The Teaching with Technology Committee invites you to this month’s eTech@Noon lecture–The Changing World of Scholarly Publishing.

The lecture is Thursday, December 8 at 12pm in the UAMS College of Public Health Auditorium (8th floor, Room 8/240). This event is free and open to the public.

Our presenter is Mary Ryan, MLS, MPH. Ms. Ryan is the Director of UAMS Library and serves on the National Library of Medicine Board of Regents. She is also a former President of the Medical Library Association

Her presentation will explore:

  1. The history and trends in scholarly publishing
  2. Problems with the current publishing system
  3. Some ways the publishing system can be improved 

This presentation will be broadcast via IVN to the UAMS Northwest Administrative Conference Room and the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Genetics Conference Room.

Contact Jon Goodell at 501-526-5641 or with questions about the eTech@Noon lecture series.

To learn more about the Teaching with Technology Committee, visit


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