eTech@noon: Inkling Interactive Textbooks

The Teaching with Technology Committee invites you to the eTech@Noon lecture Inkling Interactive Textbooks. 

This presentation is Thursday, January 26 at 12pm in the UAMS College of Public Health Auditorium (8th floor, Room 8/240). This event is free and open to the public.

Our speaker is Tracey Chan of InklingInkling is an iPad based platform for interactive textbooks. It turns paper-based textbooks into engaging, interactive learning experiences while staying compatible with the print book for classroom use.

It includes:  

  • Shared Notes that make it easy to collaborate with friends in realtime
  • Integrated interactive media in every textbook title, such as videos, 3-D objects, and guided tours
  • A simple and powerful user interface that makes it easy to study
  • Interactive quizzes that help you immediately gauge your level of understanding
  • An intuitive search engine that predicts your search as you type
  •  Digital media you’d otherwise get online with a “code,” integrated directly 

This presentation will be broadcast via IVN to the UAMS Northwest Admin Conference Room and ACH Genetics Conference Room. Contact Jon Goodell at 501-526-5641 or for more information. 

To learn more about the Teaching with Technology Committee, visit  


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